Events and Tastings at Gordon's Main Street

894 Main Street, Waltham MA 02451

Saturday, Oct. 7th – Sweet & Sour: Germany’s Greatest Hits

Our own Herr Riesling, the Right Honorable Tim Sellon, will be digging deep in our cellars for some of our finest in stock Rieslings to pour. Tim has built an impressive German, Alsatian and Austrian cellar. So, come on down and don’t miss all the action.

Saturday, Oct. 14th – The New and Old Spain

Spain is the home of some of the wine world’s most innovative producers and regions, it also lays claim to some of its most traditional. We’ll be sampling from both, and you should too!

Saturday, Oct. 21st – Piemonte: Italian Royalty

Piemonte is home to one of the world’s most noble grapes: Nebbiolo. Alongside Pinot Noir and Syrah, the Baroli and Babreschi of this region produce mind-bogglingly delicious and profound wines. Let’s spend Saturday plumbing their mysteries.

Saturday, Oct. 28th – Burgundy. Need I Say More?

We’ll be opening Burgundy, red and white Burgundy. Do I really need to say more than that?

Saturday, Nov. 4th – Englishman’s Claret: Bordeaux for Lunch

The wine world’s reigning king, Bordeaux, remains irresistible. Full, rich and capable of aging decades, Bordeaux is not a passing fad, but a lifetime companion. Spend the afternoon with your old friend.

Sunday, Nov. 5th – Gordon’s Annual Spiritual Experience

Saturday, Nov. 18th – Turkey Wines – Gobble, Gobble

There’s so much going on at the Thanksgiving dinner table: turkey, gravy, potatoes, cranberries … and I haven’t even gotten to Uncle Mort! We have a wide range of wines to pair with anything you might find at your table this year. Gobble, gobble!

Saturday, Dec. 2nd – Gordon’s Annual Champagne Extravaganza!

Christmas. Chanukah. Office Parties. New Year’s. The list goes on. You’ll have a lot of opportunities to drink Champers this holiday season, why not try before you buy?! Every year we give you the opportunity to do just that, and every year it is a highlight on the tasting circuit. Don’t. Miss. This.

Saturday, Dec. 9th – Fortified & Dessert Wines for Your Holiday Table

The meal’s over. The kids are in bed. There’s a flame still dancing in the fireplace. You’re content and contemplating your robust joy over a glass of Madeira. Or Port. Or Sherry. Regardless, you’ll find something delicious to whet your post-prandial palate this holiday season at our final Saturday tasting of the year.